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VGM Partners has been shortlisted for DFID's IMPERFA evaluations framework contract
Apr 06, 2018

The purpose of evaluation in DFID is to contribute to improving the impact and value for money of DFID's

development spending and support the effective delivery of DFID's Strategic Objectives. In support of this

purpose DFID is seeking to establish an Independent Monitoring and Process Evaluation Regional Framework

Agreement (IMPERFA).

VGM Partners has been awarded new contract in Papua New Guinea
Apr 05, 2017

Mid-term review: Technical support to the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority to implement a continuous and multi-purpose National Forestry Inventory.

The overall objective of the mid-term review is to assess the performance of the programme to date in relation to delivering the intended impact, both for the beneficiaries and the national economy, and whether the targets/outputs envisaged at the beginning of the assignment are being realised as planned.

VGM Partners has awarded new contract
Mar 01, 2017

VGM Partners is contracted to implement "Provision of TA and preparation of Programming Document for the 11th EDF Thematic OCT Program"