VGM Partners has formed a joint venture with the Sylex Sarl, combining its decades-long experience of helping developing states with Sylex™’s cutting edge solutions. Together, we have developed a state-of-the-art national eHealth management platform, as well as a cost-optimised implementation model, dedicated to digitising different layers of national health care delivery and governance. Our vision is to bring the best of eHealth to every nation in the world regardless their wealth.

Our patient-centric platform starts with EHR (Electronic Health Records) layer, combining almost all modules for efficient care delivery, then proceeds to the Hospital Information System and resumes with the Public Health Management layer, which is the major toolbox for policy planning and governance. Among others, it also solves data interportability problem across country.

We have a number of know-how, which makes our platform a perfect one for the developing states in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Particularly, Sylex is being fully integrated with DHIMS2, a country level aggregator and reporting tool, making its accuracy even better.
Sylex has fully integrated CPG’s (Clinical Practice Guidelines). It provides an access to all connected doctors at national level in order to both use the electronic version of full CPG encyclopedia and to collaboratively work to tune it according to each country’s needs. CPG’s module also serves as a base for our CDS module.

Sylex Patient Portal connects patients throughout the country for both offline and online use. Patient portal provides several useful functionalities and tools, such as doctors’ appointments, treatment history, intake alerts, symptom checker and many more, helping to monitor and manage patient’s own healthcare process. More importantly, it connects to all layers of Sylex, making interchangeability of data seamless. It fosters communication on the Patient portal via build in Chat, runs in remote locations with the support of the Offline Mode, as well as runs on tablets and mobile phones.

Sylex makes technology transfer process as seamless as possible. We adopt a philosophy of: Minimum customization and maximum configuration. It’s done through the use of Sylex Concept Builder, Template Builder and other tools. Our change management procedures are mostly delivered by trained local force.

Sylex Insurance management module helps to connect both private insurances and government owned insurance firms or schemes. Our claims management system tailored for nationwide operations helps to upgrade country’s health insurance to the whole new level.


Value Proposition

•    Automates business processes and supports decision making of all hospitals and integration with aggregator and hospital systems
•    Enhances information accuracy by capturing data at source, i.e. actual patient encounter
•    Eliminates the duplication of data input by automatically storing it both on the facility and nationwide level
•    Enables inter-portability of individual patient data across the country by storing diagnostic and treatment history of all patients on the cloud
•    Motivates private hospitals along with government ones to join national e-health management framework
•    Improves insurance claims process, making it automated and seamless

The Model

Sylex Integrates with DHIMS2


Sylex Integrates with DHIMS2

Sylex Clinical Decision Support