VGM Partners is an independent consulting firm working in developing countries and transition economies. Our reputation in providing advisory services is unmatched, from programme formulation to monitoring and evaluation. We work with a broad client base, including the European Commission, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, DFID and private sector firms. Over the last ten years, VGM Partners has overseen the implementation of projects in different sectors across Asia and Africa. Our full-time office is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia in Yerevan, Armenia.


Our projects are being conducted by managing partner, a team of senior managers and consultants.  We are constantly contracting the finest experts supported by back offices of experienced project managers to ensure smooth and timely project implementations.  Our Quality Management System is in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate NoA 1805, certified by AB Certification, accredited body by COFRAC No 4-0023) requirements and our state-of-the-art management information system guarantee operational proficiency, accuracy and security.


Along with our large network of freelance consultants and associated firms, during the last 10 years firms developed teams of consultants in different fields of expertise as a result of conducting of more than 100 technical assistance programes, evaluation studies and investment projects in different regions. Our project managers are in constant contact with “dream teams” for given regions or thematic expertise.


VGM Partners was a member of several consortia for European Commission Benef 2009 and 2013 lot1, as well as well as working for the SIEA 2018 Lots, Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs. VGM was also shortlisted by DFID IMPERFA evaluations framework contract, Wealth Creation and Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS) frameworks.  Over the last 4 years, we have implemented more than 20 complex evaluation studies, utilizing modern methodologies and advanced statistical models. 


Our top priority is to provide professional, quality consulting services for the highest value of spent money.

We are committed to the Millennium Development Goals and have clear understandings of the Paris and Busan declarations on aid effectiveness, sustainable development and poverty reduction strategies.

Our values set us apart from competitors, including:


·        Full commitment and dedication to each and every project;

·        Adoption of innovative consulting approaches in a fast-changing environment;

·        Accumulation and transfer of senior knowledge and information to new teams; 

·       Continuous development of project management techniques and in-house technologies to ensure quality and efficiency


We have developed strong and functional quality assurance routines in place to ensure that we will achieve and maintain the agreed quality and scope for the Services. Our philosophy is that - to be effective - QA should be flexible, affordable, practical, tangible and doable.


Delivering quality is a key issue. To this end a double-layered quality control and quality backstopping function for specific assignments is operational. VGM employs a Core Team of experts which cover almost all specific regions, languages and areas of expertise. Our core team is:


·        Supporting the Project Coordinator with the overall management in sectors under their specific thematic heading

·        Acting as qualified interlocutors and resource persons in the sectors they cover

·        The centralised quality control functions for sectors under their specific thematic heading


The Project Coordinator, however, remains the overall contact person with Client. The Core Team members have primarily a supervisory role and assist the Project Coordinator in ensuring overall quality control and monitoring of individual assignments, each with their respective cluster of sectors. But they may also be asked to manage specific evaluations or even implement them themselves. Thus the key tasks of this Core Team, apart from direct management or expert input, include:


·        Ensuring that the quality control and quality backstopping is provided

·        Providing overall policy and strategic advice on specific assignments, relating to their specific sectors

·        Specialist input for preparation of briefing materials (knowledge capitalisation, lessons learned from previous assignments, latest sector policy developments etc.)

·        Participating in progress review meetings on complex assignments, as appropriate

·        Giving professional opinion on outputs, reports as and when required 

·        Providing specialist inputs on finalisation of outputs in cases of repeated problems, as appropriate.

VGM Partners ensures project quality and success by partnering with only the best consulting firms in their fields of expertise and forming both short and long-term consortia of exemplary experts with superior approval ratings. With a network of over 10,000 experts and regional contacts in more than 30 countries across the globe, VGM Partners raises the bar for its partners in providing top-of-the-line service and quality results. 


Our assessment of resources required for a specific call-off will largely depend on the nature of the assignment. Our firm will be supported by its large worldwide network of local resources. These local partners are expected to provide local expertise, logistical support during missions, as well as the supervision in terms of the quality of experts identified on local markets.


Many years of experience with Program manegement have endowed the Consultant with a unique portfolio of experience. Our experience from having worked in developing countries more than 10 years makes us the foremost partner with in-depth knowledge of the breadth and depth required to implement technical assistance assignments:


n   Breadth: comes from our wide knowledge of evaluation methodologies, other donors systems and the latest research issues  

n  Depth: arises from our extensive experience of working with stakeholders at all levels - from down at low level grass-root community levels up to institutional and ministerial levels


Through more than 10 years of project implementation experience, VGM has developed extensive worldwide contacts with personnel to satisfy the requirements of specific assignments. Most of our assignments have involved directly employing a multidisciplinary team of both international and national personnel. On others, we employ a team of international staff, in association with local consulting firms that supply the national staff. We also implement framework contracts where we are called upon at short notice to provide short-term personnel with specific expertise.